• Lab updates

    Fall 2023:

    • Alex successfully proposed her disssertation, titled "How does parent asthma management self-efficacyrelate to quality of life among parents among parents of children with asthma
      during the COVID-19 pandemic"! She also published her first lead-author manuscript for publication, titled, "The moderating role of health status on the association between depressive symptoms and cannabis vaping" in the journal of Cannabis. Additionally, Alex submitted an abstract to the 2024 Society of Pediatric Psychology Annual Conference (SPPAC).
    • Cass successfully proposed their master's thesis, titled "Mindfulness as a Potential Moderator Between the Historical Trauma Response and Substance Use Among American Indian Young Adults." They also published their first lead-author manuscript for publication, titled, "Resilience and Low Substance Use Among Indigenous College Students from a Sexual Assault Prevention Study" in the journal of Adversity and Resilience Science. Additionally, Cass led a CBPR workshop at the 2023 Native Children's Research Exchange (NCRE) Conference in Denver, CO.
    • Kat presented a poster, titled "Cultural Acceptability of Alcohol Use Interventions among Indigenous College Students" at the 2023 Native Children's Research Exchange (NCRE) Conference in Denver, CO. She also submitted an abstract to the 2024 Society for Prevention Research (SPR) Conference. Additionally, Kat is enjoying her training in the NIGMS-funded Graduate Research Training Initiative for Student Enhancement (G-RISE) T32 at OSU.
    • Kendall will be graduating with her Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology from OSU in Fall 2023 after working in the COLE Lab for 1.5 years - we are sad to see her go but happy for her next adventure!

    Spring 2023:

    • At the Society of Pediatric Annual Conference, Alex presented her poster "Parental Gender Moderates the Relation Between Parent Asthma Managment Self-Efficacy and Quality of Life Among Parents of Children with Asthma During COVID-19" and she also completed her clinical comprehensive exam!
    • Kat received an NIH Predoctoral Fellowship as part of Oklahoma State University’s G-RISE program!
    • Cass presented research from our Self Defense for Indigenous Peoples (SDIP) study at ResilienceCon in Nashville, TN!
    • Cass and Alex were selected for the Remember the Ten Run Scholarship!
    • Kendall was accepted into the Native American Research Center for Health (NARCH) Student Development Program for Summer 2023!
    • Grace was accepted into OSU's Clinical Psychology Ph.D Program and will continue researching substance use in minority populations in Dr. Leffingwell's lab!

    Fall 2022:

    • At the NCRE conference, Dr. Cole presented “A Path Toward Health Equity for American Indian Communities: A Psychological Perspective,” Kat was selected as an NCRE star and presented a poster, and Cass was selected as a NCRE Fellow, with a kick-off event in November!
    • Abby has turned in her application for PA school!
    • Kendall selected as Psychology department’s Student of the Month for December!
    • Alex will be presenting at SPP (Society of Pediatrics Psychology)
    • Dr. Cole was selected to receive the “Diverse Teaching Award” and the “Diversity Committee Member Award”
    • Susie was accepted as a trainee into the Pilot and Feasibility Program, funded by the Center for American Indian and Alaska Native Diabetes Translation Research!
    • At the 2022 Native Children's Research Exchange Conference (NCRE), Kat presented her poster "Variation in PTSD symptoms and treatment utilization among diverse populations" and received the NCRE Stars Support for Students and Early Career Scholars!

    Spring 2022:

    • Blayne, Reagan, and Kaitlyn participated in the 2022 OSU Undergraduate Symposium!
    • In collaboration with Dr. Wingate's lab and Dr. Anderson's lab, Cass and Dr. Cole presented at the National Multicultural Conference and Summit (NMCS) in January 2022.
    • Reagan and Kaitlyn each submitted their graduate school applications.

    November 2021:

    • Cassidy successfully proposed their master's thesis.

    October 2021

    • Hayley has turned in her application for Pharmacy school!

    September 2021

    • Marilysis Saldivar was selected as the OSU Psychology Department's Student of the Month for April 2022 (announced in September 2021)
    • We now have a Twitter page! Our Twitter handle is @ColeOSU